Android App Developer

I am an Android App Developer, Video Editor, and Graphic Designer. In addition, I love to learn other technologies and computer languages. Right now, I am focusing on machine learning and my YouTube Channel.


CPU Specs

CPU Technical Specs displays hardware and software information from your phone in an easily readable format. It is a simple way to check information about your phone, Like battery temp, health, and percentage, Wi-fi name, Available RAM, Available Storage (SD and Internal), Sensor details, Root Checker and more.


Meme Master

With Meme Master, you can design your very own memes.  Load images from your own gallery , Add the Meme Text, Save the Meme. And lastly, you can share the picture with your friends. Over Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, or any application that can recive the image intent.


Flashlight: Dark Mode

Flashlight: Dark Mode instantly turns your device into a powerful LED flashlight. The app is very simple to use, just 3 switches and a widget that you can add to your home screen to control the flashlight. Who needs a flashlight in the daylight? This app is set to Dark Mode, to protect your eyes in the night, and your phone's battery too!

Some people think my apps are pretty neat.

CPU Info
@Jack kalb

Loving the new update with battery health and percentage, just improve the UI and it would be amazing.

IDF Info
@Dylan Kaler

Really like this app, I would love to help expand it as currently it's information from the Garin Mahal website. Good luck Avi! If you need anyone to help you I'm here Achi

Meme Master
@Alekhya Das

Doing it's work pretty good. Good dev as well.